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Philips TV backlight turns off after some time


I have a defected 42PFL9603H/10 Philips TV.

Backlight turns off after some time, image can be seen by using a flashlight. It turns off after some time, it could be after half an hour, sometimes three hours and sometimes it doesn't turn off even for longer amount of time.

Could you suggest what should I check or what could be causing the problem?

Thank you.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@dommantas since it turns off and on and you can see the screen with a flashlight, the most likely cause are bad backlight. Of course, you want to measure the voltage from your power board to the backlights. If you can, post the numbers that are on the label for the Panel. Looks like it is located to the left side, next to the power board. Your power supply looks like your TV actually still has CCFL backlight. If so, then my money is definitely on having to replace those. However the transformer for the backlight looks like it got hot too. Remove the power board and take some pictures of the under side as well. Right now I would be prepared to replace the power board and the CCFL. If those are still available. Otherwise you could consider a LED conversion. It's a pain but it can be done. Again, once we can see more we will have a proper update for you.

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