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Why is my TV showing black after software update.

My 5700 series 4k ultrahd led tv went black (Still almost lights a dark room though) Came home from out of state to my TV showing a message about download new software update. Clicked on it only for the TV to go black , pressed the romote off only for it to blink several times no response. The actual TV buttons are the same way No Response..Any idea what the problem I've only had the TV a year really can't afford a new one..

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Hi @irisplease.

Try disconnecting the power from the TV and then press and hold the TV's Power On button (not the remote) for 30 seconds and then release it. Reconnect the power and check what happens when you try turning it on.

If still no good, you said "...I've only had the TV a year...", if so check how long you have actually had it.

If it is <12 months contact the Philips customer service section in your location (check the user guide perhaps for contact details) and get it repaired under warranty.

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