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Can I replace mainboard from a different model that shares the part?

Hello, my old Philips tv (40pft4100/12) recently developed a fault where it would turn on by itself and get stuck in a boot loop. I found that its most likely the mainboard at fault or the firmware getting bricked and the best possible solution is to replace the mainboard. I found some boards online to buy, but it seems to come from either 40PFK4200/12, 32PFH4101/88 or 40PFH4101/88. The part numbers and looks are identical, but since i'm no expert i am no sure if I can swap the boards from different model tvs. Would appreciate any help, thanks!

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Yeah you can. I used the part from 40PFK4200/12 and it worked perfectly. As long as the part numbers are the same and the TVs have the same resolutions it should work. There was an extra input on the new board that the old one didn't have, but the TV chassis had a hole with a sticker on it where it was supposed to go.

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