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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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Screen is Not working after a few weeks after exchange


I exchanged the screen and after 2-3 weeks it began sporadically Not to work (Black screen). With a bit more pressure on it, it worked again. Meanwhile screen is dead.

I reoopened it, but couldnt find any mistakes or unfixed plugs.

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The cables for the display are pretty tricky to get to on this model so it can be quite hard to see if there is any debris in the connector so what I would recommend is removing the battery (just so it’s no longer adhered to the chassis but still soldered to the logicboard,removing the battery helps get more room to access the back of the logic board)and clean the connectors(both screen and board) with isopropyl alcohol

If that doesn’t work try the old screen and see if that shows similar results

If it shows similar results the connector on the board may be damaged and will need replacing by someone who has good micro soldering skills

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hi, THX for ur answer. I did remove (but leave it connected) the battery while exchanging the display.

I will clean the plugs like u described and give response. ;)

Many THX.



Good luck:-)


It wasn't succesful and i haven't the old Display.

So only Thing i could try is to buy a New one?

I'm afraid that there is something Else but the Display. What could be the reason for this error behaviour i described?




Did u try cleaning the connectors?


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