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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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Water dispenses but the ice maker does not make ice. RFG237AARS

Samsung RFG237ACRS (aka RFG237AARS). Ice maker would occasionally just be out of ice for a day or two, but would always sort itself out. 2 days ago, no ice, and a quick quiet electric motor whirring noise repeating every 2 seconds coming from ice maker. Took out, the two cubes closest to the back of the fridge were frozen, the other 5 slots were empty. Defrosted it all, installed. Pushed Test/Reset button (fridge chimes, but nothing happens, ice maker doesnt cycle), killed power for 5 minutes, and back on, no error message. Took ice maker out again, one thing of note is that the lever to check for full ice bin seems to be in the "full" position. Took the cover off and reset the gears and prongs so that the lever was down ("empty ice bin"), and reinstalled it all. Still nothing. No electric whirring noises or anything. Test/Reset button causes a chime, but ice maker does nothing. The water dispenser shoots out water at a normal good speed, but ice maker is not getting water.

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What is the model number of the refrigerator?


Apologies, couldve swore I added the model. It's RFG237ACRS (aka RFG237AARS)


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Here's the ice maker does not operate troubleshooting flowchart from the service manual that may help to find the problem

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Thanks, I had gone through the website help and troubleshooting, but have not seen this service manual. I'll give it a go tomorrow.


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