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The original Xbox is Microsoft's first widely popular video gaming system. It has an easily identifiable black case with 'XBOX' emblazoned on the top and front. Repair is easy with common tools.

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Xbox runs for a while before turning off

Hello! I have an original Xbox, and it runs very well, but only for maybe an hour and a half, before it suddenly turns off. It can be turned back on, but it will then run for only a few minutes before shutting off. If you turn it on again after that, it is only on for seconds. If I leave it alone for a few days I get my hour and a half again, only for it to repeat.

I have tried a new power cable and that did not seem to solve the problem. Not sure what I should be looking for. I was planning on cracking it open soon, but wanted to pose this question first. Any help is appreciated.

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has it ever been opened ?


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if its an original Xbox it probably needs to be cleaned out!

from the sounds of it appears to be over heating some where. get some compressed air and see if you can clean the dust and debris out.

if youre feeling super adventurous you can open that thing up and do a deep cleaning

heres a YT video for you to follow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpw4bwin...

if that doesnt work for you. come back and update the question so we can continue to help you!

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