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Erste iPad Generation mit 3G, verfügbar mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modell Nummer A1337. Reparaturen sind unkompliziert und verlangen keine Wärmezufuhr.

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Ipad3g dead, was crushed

I received an iPad3g that was ran over. While the display and touch panel were broken, the internal parts did not look bad. I cleaned it up and put it back together. The display shoes white light so I ordered a new display and touch pad. I put it all together doublecheching all connections but now it is dead. While it was apart I tested the battery pack and it tested good. Prior to taking it apart I had put the new screen and noticed that the battery was almost dead as the display worked but when I attempted to charge the unit overnight it did not charge. Also, it did not get detected by my laptop and I tunes diagnostics could not communicate with it. Does anyone have any schematics with testing points I can use to diagnose? Note I disassembled this device down to the shell in order to reform the warped shell.


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JCM, schematics for any Apple device are a very rare commodity. It sounds to me like all of your errors are leading to the dock connector. I would start with that one and work from there.


JCM, good luck with your repair. I hope it will work out for you. The same diagram is available at pinout.ru and has some more information as well ;-)

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Thanks oldturkey03. I found out there is a storefront near me and it is listed as being an authorized Apple repair shop. Il see if I catch them on Monday and see if they can guide me so wish me luck..I actually found pin-outs for the connector on some music site where a guy customizes an IPad, here is the blog link which can come handy. http://gfgsm.blogspot.com/2011/02/apple-...


Some of those pinouts will be useful and I also found some more,thanks. I went to the Apple authorized repair place and it was a joke. They said that IPads are not repairable just swappable through Apple. I thought that a few years ago the FTC or commerce dept had created a law that stated certain consumer products needed to be supported by the manufacturer but I could be wrong. I pulled the pins off one of the connectors yesterday taking it apart again :( so now I have a liitle more to work on soldering tiny pins. The dock cable is a little costly to purchase so I may just have to put the project on the side if I can't figure the wiring for troubleshooting. I'll see if some else gives me another broken one and swap parts out to narrow down the problem.


Sounds reasonable, let us know how it is going :-) best of luck to you.


If you decide it's not worth a fix, I found a student that is looking for a BAD logic board for a school project ... for the right price you could get it off your hands and help a young fellow geek out...

Any Body know where I can get a broken iPad Logic Board?


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Ou after all that it's sounds like u need a new charge port a super easy repair!

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