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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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How do I repair a broken hold/lock switch?

I have opened the iPod and went as far as taking off my battery to get a better view of the hold switch. i didn't see anything that caught my eye the orange cables were fine.I have heard of a tin foil method but i have no clue to put tin foil. Is there a way to find whats wrong with it and repair it?

Or is there anyway where i can just unlock and leave the broken switch (it will be broken but i still get to listen to my songs)

The other day it unlocked by itself when i was pressing buttons then after 30 seconds or a minute it locked it self again

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I've tried opening my 5th gen ipod, fiddling with the orange cable, cleaning the connection point of the little orange square, I've tried everything I can think of except open up the hold button mechanism, which I just can't quite open.

I know my ipod works because it syncs up fine, it's got music on it, but because the hold button is stuck, it's inoperable. This is incredibly frustrating!


By following the corresponding guide and buying the parts, I now have a working ipod again! While i was at it, I changed the battery and clickwheel too. Looks and works great, I'm super happy I tried to repair it myself.


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The hold switch itself is a very simple device - it either opens or closes the circuit that senses it. The orange ribbon cable connected to it would simply contain 2 conductors making up the circuit.

After looking at the repair guide again myself, I notice that it looks like one of the 2 conductors coming out of the switch goes to a large square pad, not far from the switch itself (e.g. photos in step 15 or 16). Then I think it looks like just a single conductor inside the longer part of the ribbon cable, going back to the logic board connector.

if that's correct, then that tells me that square pad is meant to make good electrical contact to the back case - meaning the case itself completes half of the hold circuit. If this is true, you should make sure that the square pad on that ribbon cable is making good contact with the case.

the above is just based on examination of the photos, I can't tell 100% that the ribbon cable needs to be connected to the case. I do have this model iPod, and if I get a chance I will try to open mine up and check. meanwhile, please confirm if both ends of the ribbon cable are firmly connected (one end to the logic board, the other end being this square pad I mention.

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I will check i actually didn't check that part so maybe that is the problem, if it is how do i connect it


it is connected but something odd happened the other day it unlocked then locked again after 30 seconds


have you already studied the repair guide for the iPod 5th gen to see how to remove/replace the hold switch?


Yes i have actually does that mean that i have to replace it?


ok, it sounds like you are saying it is stuck in HOLD mode, correct?

one more obvious thing - when you reassembled it did you double checked that the notch in the external plastic switch mates with the small black slider of the actual internal switch.


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I found that I had some fluff/debris at the bottom of my iPod (i.e. the end opposite from the headphone jack). Possibly shorting together pins. The iPod seemed to return to normal after I had carefully removed this debris.

Hope this helps.

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I bought the bits and replaced the hold switch myself using the ifixit guide and it works again. I'm thrilled!

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