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Battery not charging but charging adapter indicator is light green

Hi~ everyone

I want help me...TT

I being used Macbook mb466 2ghz 2008late aluminuem


That's function fail...TT


The battery and adatptar is connected

but osx lion showed 'battery notcharging'

then battery is notchargin?


battery charging OK [60%->70%-80%--->]

battery state is normal

Just say...'battery not charging TT'

Not battery ,connected adatar , Not booting macbook

but use battery, conneced adatar booting ok

and remove battery and used ok [macbook]

and adaptar indicator is light green....

orange color is not showing....

only light green...T_T

I changed power soket

and new Adatator .......

and Smc reset

but....same thing...........

help ...

I want repair that my macbook T_T

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You didn't mention if you tried a different battery. :)


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Download and run Coconut Battery and let us know your results. Your battery may be fully charged to the amount it can accept which drops with age.


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sorry..not repaired T_T

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coconut battery

current charge 3784 mah

maximum charge 4171mah


battery capacity

current 4171

design capacity 4100

mac model macbook5,1

age of your mac 38 months

mattery loadcycles: 162

battery temp 30.0

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