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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Is there a fuse to the lights underneath/cooktop lights

The lights underneath my microwave hood combo model 721.80592 won't work. I was in the middle of replacing the bulbs when one broke and the glass bulb tore off from the base. There was a pop and the other light went out. Now even replacing both bulbs, they won't work. I'm wondering if there is a fuse I can replace to fix them. The microwave and fan and inside lights all still work, it's just the underneath lights that light up your cooktop. Thank you!

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How did you fix your issue? I have the exact same problem. email me at rickdoran68@gmail.com if you would. Thank you


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There is no separate fuse for the cooktop lights.

Didn't you have the power disconnected from the microwave oven when replacing the lamps?

Looking at the wiring diagram for the oven series (see below), it appears as though a back to back diode, associated with relay RY14 on the control board, may have been damaged.

Be safety aware when working in microwave ovens. The HV capacitor can store >5000V DC for months, even if the power has been disconnected for this length of time. This amount of voltage can seriously injure you. The power needs to be disconnected from the oven and then the HV capacitor needs to be correctly discharged as soon as it is accessible after the removing the cover from the oven and before commencing any further work in the oven.

Block Image

(click on image).

If you don't know how to check for and replace damaged electronic components, contact a reputable, professional appliance repair service and ask for a quote.

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You confirm what I suspected. I probably damaged it by not disconnecting the power. Shoot. I'm not a handyman, just a mom changing a light bulb so I could cook dinner. I didn't think or know how to disconnect the power in a built in microwave. Thanks for your help!


@ honeygirl.kellie

If you ever need to disconnect the power to any appliance that is built in, turn off the power to it in the household power box. There is either a dedicated fuse (or breaker) for it or perhaps you may have to remove the fuse for the wall outlets power. It may depend how it was connected to the power when installed.

After doing this check before working on it whether there is no power or if there is still power on the appliance to make sure that you've removed the correct fuse. Then keep the fuse in your pocket (or tape over the breaker if it is a breaker) so that no one can replace it (or reset it) whilst you're still working on it ;-)


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