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Hand mixer stops after 5 seconds

I have a 5 speed Viking hand mixer that stops after 5 seconds. When I turn it on it goes right to top speed and then stops. When I unplug it and plug it back in it runs for another 5 seconds and stops. Hopefully this rings a bell to someone.

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note that there can be multiple reasons for a motor to act like that.
But in my experience. the most common one is that the brush/graphite stick needs to be replaced.

here is a youtube vid showing the proces on a generic brushed-DC-Motor

However it could also be overheating caused by "something else"

No matter what you do need to take it apart to confirm the cause,
but handmixers are usually "pretty simple devices" so it should not be too hard, just remember to take photos so you can put it together again.

Good luck!

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