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The RIDGID R84015 X2 is an 18v, 1/2 inch chuck, cordless drill.

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full speed or nothing at all

i had the drill for 3 months and all of a sudden i lost my variable speed. I would like to know if its just a trigger switch that needs to be replaced or something else. if u pull the trigger its all or nothing can u help me please

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rob, sounds like your switch needs to be replaced. "switch handles all on/off and variable speed functions. They also have a role in electric breaking; they can momentarily reverse electrical polarity. Because switches use mechanical internals, they tend to degrade and wear out over time, eventually requiring replacement. Some common signs of a broken or failing switch are:

The tool will not start when you use the switch, or it requires multiple tries to turn on, until eventually it refuses to start at all.

The variable speed function and electric braking aren’t working properly." this and a new switch from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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where to get switch& instruction.


chrisjcgibson669 for a new switch follow the link in my original answer. Still available :-) For the How-To follow the guides on here RIDGID R84015 X2 Repair


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