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The Lenovo YOGA 730-15IKB is a 15" foldable laptop with dedicated graphics and a high-resolution touchscreen. Released in early 2018. Model number 81CU0009US.

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Replacement batteries — do I have to 'reset' the controller somehow?

I believe my question is manufacturer-agnostic.

I have replaced the battery of my laptop. The new battery reported to be 51.5 Wh, but only charged to 5 Wh.

So I bought another one and this one charged to 30 Wh and stopped there.

Now I'm wondering, are these just defective (quite possible), or is there something in my device (software or some hardware controller), which remembers the last battery state and stops charging beyond that point?

In other words, when installing a new battery in a laptop, would you expect it right away to charge to 90%+ of its advertised capacity?

Update (01/23/2023)

Update for anyone reading this in the future:

I ended up buying an 'official' (Lenovo-branded) battery pack for about 90€ (aftermarket batteries were 40€ and 60€) from ipc-computer.de.

Sadly, they also couldn't tell me any production dates ahead of ordering, nor is a production date printed on the battery pack. I find that really irritating and unsatisfying, but apparently this is normal right now.

According to the Windows battery report, the new pack is made by Celxpert, while the one that came with the machine was made by LGC (as @jayeff pointed out, that stands for LG Chem).

I'm quite happy with it, after three cycles, I get about 44 Wh out of it, which is 2-3h of normal use. Not amazing, but probably what you can expect from this not particularly efficient (but otherwise still great!) Yoga 730.

It also charges from 2% to 100%, as one would expect. (But after my experience with the aftermarket batteries, is unreasonably satisfying to watch!)

Also having zero PROCHOT or similar performance triggers.

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Here you can see what lenovo vantage should look like with batteries installed (Mine is a T480 with dual batteries installed).

If yours doesn't show this, you're kind of screwed unless you shell out for yet another battery (As far as i can tell you've already bought 2).

Alternatively, what does windows battery bar say (Bottom right where the battery icon is or in the control centre thingy of windows 11). If that's fine then HWinfo seems to be acting funky.

If not however, you might just be unlucky 2x as i don't know of a battery controller on lenovo's (At least the ones i own which are the T480 and an S730)

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Thank you for your response!

Checking Lenovo Vantage is actually a good idea, that I unfortunately did not think of with the aftermarket batteries. (And I've since already returned them for a refund.)

Then again, mine actually shows a lot less info than yours. And specifically, it has less information than the Windows battery report, at least for the official Lenovo battery. (I see no manufacturer for example, although maybe that's just hidden when the manufacturer is Lenovo.)

The data that is there is mostly in line with the Windows battery report.

The Windows battery bar was always in sync with HWiNFO: reporting reaching 60% charge and then stopping to charge further.

So I guess these were really all just bad batteries. I'm not super surprised, but I'm a bit surprised that they're still on the market — do other people keep them and not send them back? Why would you? Anyway, rhetoric questions.

I'll try ordering an official Lenovo battery next.



FYI LGC batteries are made by LG Chem.



@hheimbuerger finding official lenovo batteries is tough (especially for me being based in Australia) so oftentimes i just have to go on ebay and hope for the best :(. However wherever you live it may be easier or harder to find parts. it all depends


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Hi @hheimbuerger

Try uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery drivers in Device Manager , restart the laptop and check if this resolves the problem.

To get to Device Manager in Win10/11, press the Win key and the x key (both together) and click on the Device Manager link that appears in the menu list.

In Device manager go to Batteries - click + or > to expand the list - right click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery - Uninstall and follow the prompts.

Restart the laptop in the normal manner. Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers.

There are 4 compatible batteries listed for the model.

The Lenovo part numbers are 5B10Q39197, 5B10W67390, 5B10Q39196 & 5B10W67214.

If you suspect that it may be the battery that is the problem, check if the batteries you're using has one of these part numbers shown anywhere on the battery or mentioned in the specifications etc as others that say they are compatible may not be if it is not shown. Search online using the part number only to find suppliers

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Thank you for your response!

My original battery's model is L17L3PE0. I'm fairly certain the aftermarket battery is 'compatible'. Are you saying that charging only until 60% is a symptom of an incompatible battery? How does that work? Shouldn't an incompatible battery just provide no power at all?

Can you explain the connection between the "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" device is interacting with the charging procedure? Thank you for suggesting them, but I'd rather understand and analyze the causes, than performing arbitrary troubleshooting steps that I don't understand how they relate to my problem.


I reinstalled the 'Control Method Battery', but I cannot tell whether it had an effect because I don't know what the consequences were supposed to be.



Presumably before you created a battery report to check on the status of the battery so that you knew what was happening as to the charge state of the battery.

Reinstalling the battery drivers means that windows has to re-identify the battery and make sure that all the parameters for the charge/discharge values of the battery are correct.

Check the Design capacity value versus the Full Charge capacity value to see what is happening. For a good new battery they should be nearly the same value.


The number mentioned in my original post (5 Wh for one battery, 30 Wh for the other) are from HWiNFO. They do change as the batteries charge and discharge, so I think they are updating.

This is also where I take the 'Charge Rate' from, which tops off at 0W at the aforementioned charging points.

So I guess that means both batteries were sent to me faulty and I need to find a better source, maybe of fresher batteries. For now, I'm back on the original Lenovo battery, which is 4 years old and has a 42% wear level, but at least it charges to 100% (also now around 30 Wh) and doesn't trigger PROCHOT and other weird signals. I'll try ordering an original (non-aftermarket) Lenovo battery next year.



What does a battery report show for the charge percentage?


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