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A phone made in late 2011, Successor to LG Cosmos Touch, also known as LG VN-271.

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2012 LG extravert won't connect to computer

my lg extravert will not connect with my computer, ive tried using a older computer (2014 dell chromebook and at first a 2021 macbook air btw) and it still won't connect to the either one. it works fine, its set on usb auto detection but does nothing still.


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Hi @timtomissus,

Does the phone charge OK if you plug it into a USB port in a PC?

If not you may have a loose or faulty USB port in the phone.

Not quite sure what you mean by "...its set on usb auto detection..." but according to p.69 of the user manual:

"USB Mode
Allows you to set up how your phone behaves when a USB connection is made. The options for your phone are Mass Storage, Modem Mode or Ask On Plug. If the option is set to Ask On Plug, you are asked to confirm whenever the connection is made."

Mass storage option is used when there is an SD card installed so that a PC can view the files on the card.

Modem mode is like tethering when you want to share the phone's internet connection with a PC via the USB port.

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