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Dieses VR Headset kam am 28. Juni 2019 auf den Markt.

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Right tube green, red or light vertical light lashes going up

Hi! I bought the headset with the whole kit second handed.. I was told I had to change the tether cable wich I did right out of the bat but display still is showing vertical pixels ray.. It moves and changes from image to images.. Not fixed pixels being the problem but seems display or mother board… What should I change or test first?

Block Image

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@jfooo the lack of schematics etc. and looking at your posted image, would lead me to replace the affected eye tube. Use this guide Valve Index Headset Eye Tube Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide to do so. It is difficult to repair something (like the motherboard) that we do not have schematics for. Give a new eye tube a try.

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Thanks for the fast answer! I was waiting for it to pull the trigger! 👌🏻😂


@jfooo hope it really works out for you. I don't think it would be "as deep " as the main board, keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Tube replacement was a full success!

There was just two little springs that were really a pain to assemble back but the rest was fairly easy with the right tools bought along with the kit.

Thanks for your support!






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