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Can’t find the relay in a Vauxhall corsa E?

My blowers aren’t working in my car. We have checked the motor and that is working. The fuses are good. Now we need to relocate the relay to check that. Where would we find the relay in a Vauxhall corsa 17 plate?

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From Haynes, "... in the underhood fuse block there is a 40A cooling fan high speed relay at positions 41 and 45 and R6 , with a 30A cooling fan low speed relay at position 44 and a low speed relay at position R8". This would be fairly similar across most variants, but if you can provide an exact year, engine capacity, model number, etc to confirm? This is a common diagnosis, but the issue may instead be solved by changing the temperature sensor or repair the engine computer. Relays can be opened up and the contacts cleaned by pinching and sliding a business card through them.

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Vauxhall corsa 1.4 energy ac eco flex

1398cc, 2017 plate, W0L0XEP08H6052303


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