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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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I have the 8 E code flashing AND flashing lights on the interior.

I have the 8 E code flashing on my fridge. The interior lights are also flashing. I tired a regular reset, but it did not work. Is there any fix for this?

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Hi @lalojoy,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


Model number RFG298HDRS


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Hi @lalojoy

Are you sure that it is an 8E error code?

Just asking as the service manual doesn't show that code.

Try running the self diagnostic function in the initial power on as shown in Sect.4.1.3 on p.52 and check what it shows.

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Yes, I'm positive it's 8 E. I tried the diagnostic and it flashed 33 E (ice maker issue which has been on for years) and 8E. The compressor starts up, but after a few seconds it stops and flashes only 8 E. The interior lights also flash.



Are there any LEDs blinking on the control board (not the control panel)?


No. The drink light is flashing, the interior light is flashing and 8 E.


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