Why do I lose my picture but I still have sound?

When I start my games I have great video quality. Then it changes to static and goes out completely but I still have sound. I have cleaned the game slot and the games, but it didn't change anything. Reading on here I scene mentioned the expansion pac trick. That didn't work either. I also saw about the changing of the video capacitor. However I have not been able to find that one. Can someone please send me a link to it? If you also have other ideas please let me know? I have new AV cables also thinking they went bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Update (01/11/2023)

Here's a picture of the capacitor

Block Image

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I found it. It is a 5V Linear voltage regulator 500mA 1 channel 3 pin. I hope this helps anyone else that might need the information for a Nintendo 64.


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