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Released 1993, identified by word TI-82 labeled on upper right corner of the screen.

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Why my calculator doesnt turn on?

hy, mi ti-82 calculator doesnt turn on propperly. it starts, it´s on by a second but it turns off immediately, the batteries are ok, and all the microcomponents ,but it doesnt turn on.

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jose12cornejo, just wondering how you figured out that all the"microcomponents" are okay? How did you check those? Have you replaced the lithium battery yet? When you say "the batteries are ok" have you replaced them with new ones? Have you made sure the battery contacts are clean and are actually touching the batteries?


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Try a hard reset. Take out all the batteries, and while putting them back in, hold down the "DEL" key. Then, turn it back on and you can adjust the contrast by pressing the "2nd" key and the down arrow at the same time.

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Hurrah thanks, thought we were going to have to buy a new one, this sorted it, now working fine.

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Please help it wont turn on no matter what I try!

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