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Displaying vertical lines, dead t-con?

Hello everyone. I need help with my suddenly broken Philips 51PUSsomething… the problem is vertical colorful lines thought whole display. What I did is open up the tv and check the t-con board, which has one connection to the motherboard and two to each half of the LCD matrix. I plugged out each ribbon cable to see if something changes, what I got is one half white and second showing same lines as before, same in reverse. From what I have read in this situation the problem is not shorted LCD matrix but t-con board, am I right? Broken motherboard is also unlikely because sound and remote is working. I will be grateful for every tip. Kind regards, Alek

Block Image

Update (01/24/2023)

Block Image

So basically that’s how it looks like after replacing the recon board and the main board, unfortunately without any result. The white lines on the photo is the Philips logo it’s trying to show. So I guess the problem is the display and all that mess is going to trash?

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AAAA without seeing what your screen shows or what the lines look like, My first check would be the T-con board. Do not rule out the main board just yet. Just because sound and remote work does not mean the GPU or HDMI encoder on other video generating IC's may have failed. T-con first then main board :-)

Update (01/24/2023)

AAAA if this is what you see, it is not a T-con error

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Bad news, at least I tried. Thanks for help anyway, I greatly appreciate it. Can you tell how you determined that it’s not a tcon failure?


I see that my previous comment is lost. I also changed the motherboard without any luck.


@AAAAA T-con board would leave you with lines across the whole display. What you are getting is signal to one COF Tab. Check on top of your panel. See if there is a thin ribbon cable that is connecting to the exact space that corresponds with the lit part.

Did you check the cable from the T-CON board to the LCD driver board for any corrosion, tears, or any other damage?


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