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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen zu Googles Pixel 7 Pro Smartphone, erschienen im Oktober 2022. Die Modellnummern sind GP4BC und GE2AE.

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Why does my replacement screen have a strong purple Tint?

I replaced my cracked screen with one from iFixit and it has an awful purple tint. When my screen is anywhere below like 50% brightness, everything looks awful and color recreation is beyond bad. It was not like this with my old screen. Everything looks dark purple and colors don't look decent unless the phone is 50-75% brightness. 100% brightness gives a phone a purple glow as well.

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Hi Jeff,

I'd suggest you start out by trying software solutions first; it would be extremely frustrating to replace the screen yet again only to find the problem still there. Here are some things to try.

Safe mode will disable auto-loaded applications and run a minimum of services needed to run the phone. If the screen looks normal in safe mode, the problem is software and not the new screen.

How to activate safe mode on Google Pixel 7 Pro?

Restart the phone.

How to restart a Google Pixel 7 Pro?

Do a forced restart.

How to force a Google Pixel 7 Pro to restart?

You might also try a firmware update and/or restore.

Obviously, if none of the software solutions make any difference, then we're back to the screen as the probable source of the problem. Fortunately, iFixit sells only genuine Google parts, and all parts outside of batteries have a lifetime warranty. My experience with a warranty claim with them was very good, so I wouldn't hesitate to contact them about a replacement. You can reach their support group at support@ifixit.com. They may even be able to help with diagnosing the issue if possible.

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I took your advice and I have tried booting into safe mode and it is still the same. Very frustrating. I will follow up with support. Thank you!


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Your not the only one who's had colour issues for pixel screens from ifixit. I'd get in contact with them, explain what's happening and ask for a replacement.

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