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The HP Envy 5660 e-all-in-one printer is meant to print, scan, and copy including features such as wireless printing and a color touchscreen. Model number: F8B04A

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Why is my printer making an awful grinding noise when printing?

The printer prints fine, but makes an awful noise during the process.

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janspicknall add a small video file with the noise to your QUESTION. That way we can hear what you hear. You add a video file the same way as you would an image Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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Likely a worn plastic gear somewhere. These low-end tricolor HPs are cheaply built and use plastic in high-wear areas which eventually causes this problem after it gets to be older (as well as electrical issues because the copper pads where the ink sits get damaged electrically due to poor design shorting the connection). If you really want to see if it can be fixed take it apart and check which gear is worn out, then look for a donor with good gears/print mech. Otherwise, it’s better to live with the noise and let it die using $5-8 aftermarket cartridges so you're not out $40 for OEM ink on a printer with potentially a very short life left. I’d probably refill the carts myself for cheap at that point since these use dye ink and let the printer go when they stop printing right after 5-10 refills and several cleanings.

They usually run that way for a long time but given enough time they ALL fail after it starts, and the printer will be a total loss. HP knows this and uses it to push new models which use ink the 3rd party market has not remanufactured yet. It's time to replace these grinding printers when they keep jamming; the gearset is really degraded at that point.

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The HP Envy Series just does not sound good while printing in general. has it sounded better before? And can you describe the noise if you can?

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It was not doing it before. Started several months ago and I've had it for several years. Sounds like a grinding noise. Like something is rubbing against something.


try cleaning out the print rollers? like open the ink cartridge thing and there should be a cover with gray push tabs that push towards eachother. there might be something in there.


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