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Repair and additional information for the Samsung RF4287HA** refrigerator—a 2010 bottom freezer model with both drawer and door access, featuring an anti-sweat heater switch for controlling condensation. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF4287HA**.

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Samsung Freezer not freezing (French door) RF4287HARS/XAA

So we were actually given this fridge since it stopped working as a project, the freezer does not work, sometimes it'll freeze but it takes a very very very long time to freeze (About 3 days to fully freeze something) so I believe it does get below freezing temps


however I believe it might be the display because the display says the temps are right and then about an hour later they say it's -8 when it's only 38*F inside the freezer.


Components Replaced:

Compressor (It leaked refrigerant when we got it, and then the motor locked up so we had it replaced) We didn't replace it someone else did, we have a friend who works in hvac and does fridge repairs

Temp Sensors in the freezer (Both the defrost temp sensor & the regular freezer temp sensors in the ceiling)

Main PCB (Bit of a story I bought a remanned one from amazon replaced it, but the freezer stopped freezing entirely... like even after 6 to 8 hours it was still at room temp.)


I'm more leaning towards the Main PCB (See the comment above as to why if it freezes before on the old pcb but takes 6 to 8 hours but the remanned board doesn't) my real question is do I buy the bullet and get a new pcb from a supplier or do I buy that control panel with the temp display on it that keeps redirecting to the auto set temp after an hour when the freezer still sits at 38*F


or is there something else I'm missing?

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There’s several things that could cause it These Linear compressor run on variable voltage of over 300vac, controlled by an inverter board part #DA41-00614B. To know for sure if the inverter failed, voltage tests are needed.

I would definitely return the board and put your original back in. If the fresh food section is cooling and the freezer isn’t, I’d begin at the 2way valve part #DA97-07070A. Your model has 2 evaporators that use the refrigerant separately. The 2 way valve sends the refrigerant to one evaporator for about 15 minutes, then it sends it to the other evap for 15 min repeating constantly. Sounds like the valve isn’t sending it to the freezer evap. You didn’t mention if the fresh food was cooling. Im only assuming it is.

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Brandon, if your friend is going to install the 2way the valve needs to be in the neural position before entering the system. To do this simply plug in the refrigerator for just a few seconds, HVAC techs know how to test an energized solenoid with a screwdriver for vibration. When it energizes unplug the unit. If that wasn’t done when the compressor was replaced you might get lucky and all that needs to be done is recover the charge, pull a vacuum at -30 for 15 min and recharge it to the amount on data plate. R134a must be weighed in. I would try this before ordering any parts. This model can take a good 48 hours to reach temp. And another 24-48 to start making ice. After 48 hours if the freezer isn’t at 0*f and the fresh food section is at 36-39*f, then I would replace the 2way valve, some call it a 3 way gas valve, some call it a spider valve.

I hope this helps you answer your question.


Your right I forgot to mention the fresh food, it seems to get very cold in there if your talking about the middle drawer between the fridge and freezer.

as for the inverter board i'm not sure, I know when I replaced the board the light was lit up solid after a few minutes and I could hear the compressor humming, I also notice on the freezer evap if I unplug that back panel with the evap fans it will frost up after about a min or 2 not sure if that helps at all with the diag.


Hi @bradenw,

If you haven't already got it, here's the service manual that may help.


Thanks I was never given a service manual nor a user manual so that does help.


@ladytech So I do have a question towards your valve replacement, Are you sure it could be that because I left my freezer overnight and the display says -2 but the freezer got down to 33*F could it be the main pcb? or maybe the inverter board?

Also last night after I sent the reply about 11 hours ago, I checked the temps of the compressor housing and it said about 110*F and it was pretty hot to the touch today it's around 90*F and is warm to the touch. (it is vibrating)


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