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Mic Input does not work

Suddenly the Mic Input on my PB G4 does not work, the internal Mic and the iSight mic do work fine. As does the loudspeaker and the headphones.

Is there any way I can find out if this is hardware related?

Best regards

Klaus-Dieter Butsch

P.S.: I have a power issue as well, with fully charged batteries the PB shuts down suddenly at a glance and looses the Date and Time

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Dear Mayer.

Thanks but I do not have a problem with the audio output, the output and external speakers are working well. I could not see a red light, but I think that should be the case because it is working. Do you have any guesses why the Mic Input is not working?


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Look in the audio output hole and see if you see a red light, indicating that it thinks an external jack is still i9n place. If so I can can tell you how to turn it off. Also please plug in your external speakers and let us know if they are working. Thanks

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If you're running OS X Leopard (10.5.8) then sometimes the Line-in on the PowerBook G4 can disappear from the system settings and therefore not work any longer. No one's entirely sure how or why this happens as Apple never released any kind of fix or statement. I've heard rumors that resetting the PRAM might make it work again but I've had no luck myself.

For the power issue it might just be a faulty/old battery. Laptop batteries can become a nuisance when they've aged. If the battery no longer holds a charge then it's best to take it out of the computer because even if you're plugged into a wall socket it can cause the computer to just randomly lose power with no warning.

Sudden shutdowns can also be a sign that the computer is overheating.

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