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Repair and additional information for the Samsung RF31FM*SB** refrigerator, a bottom freezer model introduced in 2013 with both door and drawer access and an automatic defrost feature. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF31FM*SB**.

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Samsung French 4 door fridge not cooling, freezer not freezing

Samsung French 4 door fridge not cooling, freezer not freezing

It started as the freezer was not freezing anymore.

No error codes

Now no freezer and no fridge


fridge evaporator fan

freezer evaporator fan runs fine

freezer thermostat

freezer defrost sensor

At my wits end

I am headed to the 2 cpu boards but its a substantial investment to be wrong

HELP please

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Please give us your model number


Have you checked if the compressor is running? Is it getting voltage? If the compressor is getting voltage but not running, is the compressor hot? If so, let it cool down and once cool do an amperage reading when you try to power it on. If reading LRA (you'll find this on the compressor data tag) then look at start components.

If the compressor isn't hot, you'll need to ohm out the compressor. Start+run should be close to (start+common)+(run+common). If common is reading OL, try giving the compressor a whack. It's possible the thermal overload is stuck. Whacking it may get it to go back. But then you need to see why did it trip? It's normally the same as when you find a hot compressor with voltage that isn't running... the start components may have failed. You can try looking up the model number of the compressor to find the HP rating, then use a 3in1 start kit. I say this because most people do not have a meter capable of reading start capacitors. Now, if you ohm out the compressor and get OL from start to run, or common to start or run, and can't get the thermal to close... then you'll need a compressor. Sorry... might be a little all over the place. Tired so not sure how comprehensible that answer is.



The compressor runs, the red light on the control board is on


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There is a recall, will repair free call Samsung

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