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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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Why won't my iPod Touch Turn on?

OK, I'm fairly knowledgeable about iPods and iPhones as I repair them and such. I recently bought an iPod that can't turn on at all. I have Tried plugging the iPod in with 4 different power cords to 3 different PC's. I could not get it to turn on, I have tried the simple Hold Power and Home Button trick as that did not work. At first I thought this iPod was in DFU mode as in that mode you usually have iPods not turning on at all at that state unless you restore or used iREB. Well, could it be the charging port dock issue? I could repair those and de-solder and re-solder new ones, would that fix the problem? Or replace it with new battery?

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The logic board is most likely not detecting power. But, start with the cheapest thing first the battery. Replace it first, and if that doesn't work replace the logic board.

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