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This 2012 K410 model of the Lenovo K Series desktop features a three speed power control switch and a 3rd generation Intel Core processor. Its high preformance graphics capabilities make it an excellent choice for gaming.

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Drive Is missing from computer.

I keep getting a message saying that my E drive (history) is missing. WHAT can I do to fix it?

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Hi @psmuafcjnsvkuvb

Check in BIOS to see if the HDD is being detected by the BIOS in the connected drives list.

If not turn off the PC and disconnect the power from the PSU and then open the case and check that the E: drive is still connected OK to the motherboard, both the power cable and the sata cable.

If all appears to be OK then reconnect the power to the PSU and turn on the PC and when it has booted etc, check if you can feel if the E: drive is spinning (if it's a HDD and not an SSD that is).

If not it's either a power supply problem to the drive (try a different compatible power cable in the PC) or a power supply problem in the drive itself. Check that the drive's power cable is securely connected

If it is spinning then it's either a problem with the sata port for the drive on the motherboard (try reseating the cable both ends, motherboard and drive or try another sata port, do this with the PC off and the power disconnected!) or a problem with the drive's sata interface.

Hopefully not, but the drive may have failed.

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