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Won't turn on - how can I get data?

Hello. Yesterday my surface pro 3 stopped wouldn't turning on. In case it was the battery/power, I tried a couple of different chargers - but both show the pro is charging, and still the screen doesn't turn on. I tried the hard reset by pressing and holding the power button - after about 20 seconds the charger light blinks momentarily before going back to being solid, as if to show the pro is restarting, but still no turning on.

I recently bought a new computer as the pro was getting old, and my concern is not the device, but the data. I last backed up the pro about a month ago. There is data on there I need access to. Is there a way of getting it?

Thank you very much.

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Hi @emmie3298

Here's one way which is not that easy but it's doable. Depends how much possible damage to the laptop you're prepared to accept.

Here's the ifixit Microsoft Surface Pro 3 SSD Austausch guide that will help.

Once you have gained access to the SSD (that's the hard part) and removed it, you should be able to then insert it into a PC that has a spare M.2 port so that essentially it becomes a storage drive in that PC and retrieve the data that way from the SSD.

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Thank you very much!


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