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The Sony A8G is a 2019 model OLED TV

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Sony XBR65A8G Red light blinking 5 times no display

Hello, I have a Sony XBR65A8G, it was stuck in power cycle with 4 blinking red lights no display at all.
I reset the power by holding volume down + power button (on TV) and plugged it. it turned green then white and now back to red.

Now it is blinking red led 5 times.

No display at all during this exercise. (complete black screen)

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@nufailkhan 5 blink code is for a failed T-con board. The 4 blink code is common on this model and leads to a failed LCD driver board. Possible shorted component on that board and is ultimately consider a display panel error.

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I have to agree with you, after some time it is back to 4 red led.

I think this is a OLED panel issue. Going to scrap TV tomorrow. Thanks


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