External condensation on back of case (French Door Fridge)

Condensation is forming on the back wall of our 2011 French Door fridge, model RF4287HARS caused by a cold spot (38F) on the back wall. Don't know when it started but I found that this happens when I fixed the internal icing issues arising when the mullion (flap) on the left hand door stopped sealing.

The cold spot causing the exterior condensation appears to be located behind the deli tray which is not accessible by removing the Twin Cooler cover.

Installed horseshoe clip to adjust the door and cleaned the drip pan, cooling coils and end of drain lines. Interior icing continued so I removed the cover and found an ice jam in the evaporator pan and drain. Melted ice with hot water, verified that the pan drained down to the drip pan and restarted fridge.

Condensation was not fixed. However, the temperature at the spot was somewhat warmer.

Samsung suggested an 8-hour manual defrost which did not fix the exterior condensation problem.

Unless this has been going on unobserved for the past 10 years, I assume that a block of ice either shifted components or damaged insulation.

Any suggestions?

Block Image

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Water started dripping into the vegetable drawers. Thought I had fixed that problem. Regarding the the "cold spot" on the exterior. Better measurements show that it is located behind the lower portion of the Twin Cooling Panel. Will have to pull the cover and see where it is located relative to the bottom of the exchanger and top of the drain line

Still wondering why this started? Massive ice buildup due to the mullion flap not closing?.


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