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My Briggs & Stratton engine will fire up than dies - RESOLVED

My engine will fire up then it dies. Sometimes I can get it to stay running but it struggles to stay running. I have put new air filter new spark plug replaced carburetor with 3 different ones. I’ve made sure the valves were right and I have replaced the gas cap. I’ve tried everything I could think of and just can’t figure it out. I’ve also replaced gaskets and everything looks good as far as cylinders and pistons.

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@thedaveman42044 sounds like it bogs down under a load. To much fuel maybe. What does the plug face look like? What exact engine model/number is this?


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I actually figured it out. I had replaced the alternator on it and few other things. But after replacing the alternator the key on the flywheel had split in half causing the flywheel to shift and it was out of time and miss firing. I ran to ace hardware and got a new key and got it replaced and fired right up and is running great. I should have checked it to begin with but lesson learned. This first small engine I’ve worked with so I’m still learning. Thank you for the response.

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