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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Mirowave hums when door is closed, fries switch when open

My microwave was tripping the breaker. I determined that the interlock switch wasn't being pressed properly. I added a small strip of duct tape to the door hook, and it started working. Then, a month or so later, it started tripping again. I traced it to the top door switch, so I replace it. The microwave would hum when the door open, then when I shut the door it trips the breaker again and fried the top door switch again. I tried removing the piece of tape and replace the newly fried switch, and it did the same thing. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Thanks.

Update (04/15/23)

It is Kenmore Elite Model # 790.80373310. I also had the title backwards. It hummed when the door was closed and fried the switch when you opened the door.

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Hi @jasondunca22397

Sounds like the Power relay on the control board may be stuck in the operated position.

Looking at a poor image of the wiring diagram* if it is the primary interlock that is burning out, one way that this could happen is if the oven was operating at the time and the door was opened. This causes a spark across the switch contacts as they open, which can either burn them out or weld them shut.

This happens when users just open the door to stop the oven instead of using the control panel to pause or stop the oven from operating, before opening the door.

Since you say that the oven hums as soon as the door is closed - assuming you haven't started the oven, then it may either be a stuck relay or perhaps a key on the keypad being permanently operated, telling the oven to start i.e. operating the Power relay

Block Image

(click on image)

*This is the best I could find, search for Frigidaire 316495125 to maybe find a better one. I couldn't

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