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Refresh of the original BlackBerry Bold. Known in some circles as the BlackBerry Bold 2.

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Water Repair Bold 9700

How I Can Repair A Water Damage?

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most likely you will need a new battery, once you have cleaned the phone I'd buy a new battery and then see what if anything works, get back to us.


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Guillermo Eirin, I would start by disassembling the phone and cleaning it. Use this as a general guide. You can find a teardown for your phone right here. There is also a take apart guide on here. . Hope this helps, good luck.

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Worst case your phone is no good after, it's the motherboard

go on eBay for a cracked screen one, but ask for the IMEI and check it to see if it's blocked before you buy it and use that motherboard

use the guides oldturkey03 linked

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Shake and wipe water off , open phone and wipe parts (try with a non static cloth ) put phone in a bowl of rice for a couple of minutes(30) that will take out extra water if next day it does not come on get a new battery and see if problem continue if it does get a new phone .

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