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Explore repair and additional information for the Samsung RF26HFPNB, a French door refrigerator with a bottom-mounted freezer and automatic ice maker, introduced in 2014. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF26HFPNB**.

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Water flowing to the bottom of the freezer / ice builds up

Hello everybody!

Model RF62HEPN1/XEF (3 door / french door)

Water flows from behind the plastic "cover grille" onto the bottom and then freezes.

My guess is that it's supposed to evaporate when it flows behind said grille, but am not an expert.

It takes only a few days for ice to start building up and seems to be a continuous process

Any help would be appreciated

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (04/17/23)

here's some pictures of the tube

Turns the little brown bit (where the tube slides over) was sealed shut in a "V shape" (during production)

when i pushed it from the sides (to open it up) it just broke into pieces, (but the tub still slides over)

if you confirm that this not normal (being sealed) , then this means we had the problem since we bought the fridge....

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks @jayeff

I will have a look when I can and keep you updated (might take a few days, but I WILL come back on it)


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Hi @noge

Can't find a service manual for the refrigerator, but usually with most refrigerators there's a drain tube that leads from below the evaporator unit, which is located behind a panel at the back of the freezer compartment, to an evaporator pan, located under the fridge near the compressor motor.

During a defrost cycle, the ice is melted from the evap unit and flows down the tube. What can happen is if the tube is blocked for whatever reason, then the water will overflow into the compartments. It will refreeze once the defrost cycle has ended and then the same thing happens again at the next defrost cycle i.e. more water

With some fridges the drain tube outlet above the evap pan has what is known as a J curve and it can be blocked there. It can also be blocked at the inlet under the evap unit as well.

To access the evaporator unit so that you can see what's happening, remove the panel at the back. Access is through the door at the front.

Looking at the parts list for your model, it mentions both.

The evap unit drain plate (plate under evap unit to collect water and direct it to the drain tube - part number DA61-04462A (freezer - link only to show image where you can see the drain hole in the middle) & the drain plate tray (part number DA61-07452A)

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Hi @noge,

I'm wondering if that is the correct drain tube and that it is not the other white tube to the left in your image.

If your model has two evap units (one in each compartment - fridge and freezer) then they would each have a drain tube.

If there is only the one then the other (which may have been installed during manufacture in case the cabinet was for a 2 evap model) would be blocked as it is not needed and also to prevent anything from entering the refrigerator i.e. insects etc.

The way to find out is to access the evap unit and pour a measured amount of water (1 cup) down the drain tube inlet under the evap unit and check if it all gets to the evap pan or not and also in your case which tube it comes out from.

I can't find the tube mentioned in the parts list, so if the blocked (now broken) one was the correct tube to find a replacement for it you may have to contact a Samsung parts supplier in your location and ask


The evap unit i have to access from the inside of the fridge right? / meaning I have remove the panel in the back ?




The evap unit and all associated components are behind it.

Disconnect the power to the refrigerator when you do this as there's power there i.e. for fan, thermostat and heater.

It is safe enough because it's all plug and sockets but it still pays to be careful until you can see what it looks like ;-)


thanks @jayeff

do you happen to know how i can take out the drawer to have better access?

I thought it would be rather simple to do, but can't figure it out.



Not sure if this video is applicable to your model but it won't hurt to look. It may give you some idea of how it's done



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Decided to test the fridge first (before eventually taking out the panel inside) and so far so good after 3 days .

herebelow a picture of the "v-shaped cone" from the LEFT tube.

as you can see it's open, where as the same "cone" in the right tube was completely sealed.

Thanks again for the help @jayeff

Block Image

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