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This is the fourth generation Honda CR-V.

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How do I fix a 2013 honda crv window motor won't move

how do i fix a 2013 honda crv window motor wont go up or down i replaced the regulator and the cable for it and the fuses for it still nothing the switch itself works on the other side of for the other window yet it won't work for the right rear passenger window

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@jamesmackin here is how to check it

On the power window master switch connector Connect terminals No. 18 (or No. 17) and No. 20, and terminals No. 17 (or No. 18) and No. 16 with jumper wires.

Block Image

Check right rear power window motor operation:

The right rear power window should close (or open).

Should that not work you know you have

  • Faulty right rear power window motor
  • Faulty right rear power window switch (You already ruled this out)
  • An open or high resistance in the wire

Here is how to check the motor

Block Image

Block Image

Since you already replaced the regulator etc. you probably do not need instructions on how to get into the door :-)

Update (04/24/23)

@jamesmackin so you checked the master switch connector and have no power for the read window? Or did you just check at the door? You will need to check at the main connector. Check the under the dash fuse panel. I believe that your windows each have an individual fuse #43 is for the rear passenger side power window.

Block Image

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No power at all on that side


Would that be the one that goes across the middle of the car then up the side with a blue connector


@jamesmackin that connector is the one on the driver side. Where all of the window switches plug into


All the others had power but not the rear right window switch


@jamesmackin did you check all of the points I gave in my answer? You applied the jumpers on the main connector and still have no power?


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Have you checked with a multimeter the continuity on the wires from the switch to their connection point? it could be getting cought on the flex between the door and the frame, you could also try swapping the switches around which will eliminate the switch or the wiring.

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There is no current at all


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