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The Toshiba Satellite L300 was a notebook designed and sold by Toshiba that came with a version of Windows Vista force fed. They were sold around May-June 2009 and while ineligible for the free 7 upgrade,time past and upgrades are unclaimable now,run 7 home premium well without upgrades mainly because of Vista's resource hog quality

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Why does it freeze on battery power?

i have this toshiba system (satellite A305), that hangs each time the power adapter is connected to it, while running on battery it stay stable.

Also if on battery power (AC Input), it runs safe mode perfectly. But each time the power adapter is connected either on stand-up or when the system is working on battery, the system system will suddenly become unstable by getting freezed/ hang and the screen (monitor) become blurred.

Kindly tell me what I can do to resolve this issue. Pls offer me an expert advise , I do not intend to either change the OS or re-install the OS


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Ouch. So let me understand this.

Everything works fine in safe mode, but once you are in a normal windows environment it stops working?

What Windows version are you running (Vista, Windows 7?)

Also what the history of this laptop? Have you recently installed any new programs? Have you replaced anything? Was it dropped or was something spilled on it or in it? When did this start happening? Did you buy it new or used?

Sounds like you may have to run a recovery to resolve the issue (which recovers your registry and yet doesn't lose your data), and I would strongly recommend you back up any data and programs you have no matter what.


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kabir, if restoring your computer doesn't help, you want to take a look at this question. Toshiba's apparently do have a problem with one of the logic board capacitors. If nothing else you might also want to take a look at this. To repair your error may become difficult for you since you do not want to change you OS or re-install you OS. Good Luck.

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Try this solution...

1.Go into safe mode

2.Right click on 'my computer' and choose 'properties'.

3.Choose 'Hardware' tabs at the top and go into 'Device Manager'

4.In device Manager,you can see treeview...expand processor tree-view 5.Disable one of the processor..

6.Restart your laptop and your laptop should be fine..

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The problem is quite common. It's the fault of one of the main NEC/TOKIN capacitors located directly beneath the CPU (on the other side of the board).

The reason why it works on battery but not AC is because there's no significant ripple in the power when running from battery, but on AC there is a fair amount which causes unreliable behaviour.

Replacing the capacitor is not a trivial task even for those who deal with surface mount replacements. Typically we just break off the old TOKIN capacitor and install a set of tantalum caps in its place.

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Just like the links in the original answer pointed out.....


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