hang whenever power adapter is plugged into the power slot

The problem just began, The laptop freezes or hanged whenever the AC power adapter cable is inserted into the power slot on the Toshiba Satellite A305 Laptop. I have tried all within my knowledge but the issue failed to be corrected.

During my diagnostic test, if the laptop is turn-on with the battery power it works perfectly, but immediately the AC power adapter is inserted into the PC, the system will suddenly hang, I have never experienced this kind of situation before.

Subsequently, I tried to run the recovery partition to try to see if the problem is a windows related problem, I was able to get to the System recovery screen using the battery power and immediately the AC power Adapter was inserted the system freezes/ hang (in the system recovery screen).

Kindly assist in stating the possible steps in rectifying this issue.

looking forward to your productive assistance.

Akolade Kabir

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