Fingerprint sensor not working after screen replacement on my Pixel 7

Hello everyone,

things I tried but didn't fix the issue:

  1. Downloaded and installed the Android USB driver for windows on my PC
  2. Activated developer's mode and enabled USB debug.
  3. Restarted using Fastboot and selected "Rescue Mode".
  4. Ran the official repair app on: (after successfully pairing with my phone, the app displays an error stating the foollowing message: "Your phone's current software version:TQ2A.230405.003.E1 is newer than this repair tool has."
  5. Tried to delete my fingerprint and facial recordings.
  6. Deactivated facial recognition and trying to activate & configure fingerprint

None worked.

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did you try it with fastboot ?


@tech_ni yes, I put it in "rescue mode" using fastboot as it was explained in some other tutorials


@rodolphe70360 did you transfer the fingerprint sensor from the old screen or a new one?


@strongbow thanks for your return, I'm using a new one, so I have deleted my old registered fingerprints to be sure to start from the beginning


what web browser are you using to recalibrate the sensor? I've heard that can have an effect on it.


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