My car won't start it cranks

It cranks but doesn't start. I think the lock cylinder might be messed up. The door locks do not work when the car is off or key is out of the key barrel. The blinking security light by the drivers side door lock (by inside knob) is doesn't blink. . The key turns and cranks over. When I turn the key to on position its like i have to turn it past on to get the windows to go or down. Like the accessories do not get energized without the vehicle on or turned past the on position of the lock barrel. I plugged the main power fuel relay into a different plug same color to troubleshoot if I had plugged it wrong harness connecter. To double check things. Before all of this;the car ran but the car stereo did not work. So I switched the stock head out for a pioneer bt aftermarket one. I used a voltage meter to find the correct wires for power, key switche, and ground. Also I used the internet for the color codes for all the wires. So then the radio was working and sounded 👍 but the car stopped working. I read that there was a recall on the ignition switches for Accords and my goofy self was changing the ignition switch out. While doing this I turned the ignition with a screw driver not realizing I didn't unplug the battery cable. The so the car tried to turn over and the key was in my pocket at this time. I believe I arched out on the car frame by the I switches home also. I put the stock stereo back in pluse it's code. Now I'm not seeing the green key flash on the dash illuminate when I turn key. I believe all the fuses are good.

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