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Repair and more information about the Samsung RF260B*AE**, an automatic defrost refrigerator-freezer model without built-in or connected functionality, first released in 2014. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF260B*AE**.

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Refrigerator not working at all

My refrigerator is a Samsung RF260BEAESG and it does not work, it's plugged in but the fridge does not turn on at all, there's no light, it's not cooling, it's not freezing, basically it seems like it's disconnected. We tried to switch the places where it was plugged in but it did not work. How could I fix it??

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Hi @carmenhernandez

There's a supply fuse mounted on the inverter board (part #DA92-00768D) and the inverter board supplies the 13.2V DC and 5V DC power that is required by the main control board (part #DA92-00384N) so that the refrigerator can work

With the power disconnected from the refrigerator, locate the inverter board in the back of the refrigerator and use an Ohmmeter to check if the fuse tests OK i.e. 0.00 Ohms - short circuit.

If the fuse is blown, try replacing it and check if it holds once the power is reconnected and that the refrigerator works OK. I can't quite see the value of the fuse but it should be printed on the board next to it.

If the fuse blows again once the power is connected then there's a problem on the board.

If the fuse is not blown, check that there's AC power on the cable connected to the AC In connector on the pcb

If there's power on the AC in cable connected to the inverter board, then check if there's 13.2V and 5V being supplied to the mainboard from the inverter board. If not there's a problem with the inverter board. If there is 13.2V and 5V leaving the inverter board check that it gets to the mainboard OK (loose cable?). If it is OK at the mainboard connector then there's a problem with the mainboard. Search online using the part number of the faulty board found by your tests to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's an image that shows the location of the fuse and the AC In connector on the inverter board that may help.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

If there's no power on the AC in cable connected to the inverter board, check that the emi coil filter (part # DA27-00019H) is OK and that the AC power is been shown on the input and the output of the filter.

Here's an image of the emi filter that may help

Block Image

(click on image).

If there's no AC power on the input to the filter, check that the power cord is OK between the plug and where it connects in the refrigerator.

Be safety aware when testing for AC voltage. It can be lethal if you don't know what you're doing!

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