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The Samsung RF28JBEDB is a 28 cu. ft. stainless steel French Door refrigerator with a FlexZone drawer, Twin Cooling Plus system, and LED lighting. Its dimensions are 35 3/4 in W x 70 in H x 36 5/8 in D, and it includes an external digital control panel, spill-proof shelves, and a door alarm.

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RF28JBEDBSG/AA - refrigerator (fan) stopped working.

Past my warranty period (5+ years) and the fan started making noise. Now it’s completely stopped and does not cool at all. Opened the back panel and the fan and other parts were frozen with ice. Manually defrosted the ice and replaced the fan. Worked for about 10 days and now it has stopped again. Could not find the Service manual online. Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi @rajrajgopal,

If the fan was iced up again it sounds like a defrost heater problem.

Check that the defrost heater located underneath the evaporator unit is not open circuit.

Test it with an Ohmmeter, with the power off as it may be mains voltage value supplied to the heater during the defrost cycle.

What is the full model number of the refrigerator as there are 15 different variants having the same model number but there's some more numbers tacked onto the end of it it e.g. RF28JBEDBSG/AA-00, -01, -02, -03, 04 .....-08 and /AA- 0001, 0002 .......-0006?

Here's the service manual but you have to buy it.

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Thank you @jeyeff. Really appreciate your expedited response. The model is RF28JBEDBSG/AA Rev. 02. As you've noted, I believe the defrost heater is faulty (DA47-00434A). Will replace and provide feedback.


I have the same model and believe I have the same issue. Need to follow the steps @jayeff recommended.

Where did you find a replacement defrost heater?



What is the full model number of your refrigerator?

This is just to confirm that the part number for the heater is the same as shown by @rajrajagopal above.

If it is search for the "part number only" to find suppliers


@jayeff - RF28JBEDBSGIAA Rev 02.

It’s got the twin metal cooling. I can see ice coming out from all over behind that metal back plate. About 2.5 months ago the fan started making really loud sounds, then stopped. Now the fridge won’t get cold due to no air circulation. It feels like a cooler on a warm day with a melting ice pack - cool, but not cold.



Please check the model number.

There are two RF28JBEDBSG/AA models that may be what you have i.e. RF28JBEDBSG/AA02 or a RF28JBEDBSG/AA0002.

The "version" number should be on the product info label between the model number and the serial number.

The problem is that they have different defrost heater part numbers, if the defrost heater is the problem.

For the A02 model the part # is DA47-00318H and for the A0002 model it is DA47-00434A.

Different part numbers usually means different specifications so you would want to get the correct one.

If the fan and the evaporator unit behind the panel on the inside at the back of the freezer compartment (access through door at the front) are iced up, disconnect the power to the refrigerator, leave the freezer door open and allow the ice to melt naturally. The heater operates at 120V AC so this is why it is better to disconnect the power.

You can speed up the melt process with a hair dryer on the coolest setting but only for a few minutes every once in a while. Do not use it on high or hottest setting as you may damage the evap unit. It's only thin aluminium and designed to operate at 0°F temps.

Once you can access the heater, unplug it and use an Ohmmeter to measure its resistance.

I don't know what the value is but it should not be open circuit i.e. OL or infinite resistance.

Also check that the drain tube under the evap unit leading to the evap pan under the compartment is clear by pour 1 cup of water down the drain and make sure that it gets to the pan OK. A blocked drain can cause the same problems as a faulty heater.

If the heater and fan are OK then you may have to try the diagnostic tests to find out what's wrong.

I can't find a free service manual download for your model series but have found this supplier or this supplier if you're interested in doing this and are willing to buy one.


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