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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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Why won't monitor turn on after computer "lid" is opened?

Coffee was spilled on my keyboard. I turned off the computer and turned it upside down to let coffee drain and to dry. I opened the computer with my iFixit tool kit to check for any residue or moisture, which I gently wiped away. Afterwards, I turned on the computer and it came on and seemed to function fine. However, when I close the lid, the computer goes to sleep, as it should, but when I re-open the lid the computer wakes (I think) but the monitor is black. The reason I say that I think the computer is awake is that the computer makes beeps as I press keys, as if I'm pressing the wrong keys - make sense? I have to hold down the power button to power off the computer, and continue to hold the button to power up the computer. The computer comes to life and functions fine. My current work around is not to close the computer lid. Apple Store told me to buy a new computer.

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It's hard to know for certain why this is happening. Considering the liquid damage, it's likely that a component on the main logic board or the display board has been damaged and is malfunctioning. If that's the case, you may need to replace your logic board or display to resolve the issue. As another work around, you may be able to prevent the sleep function when closing the lid by adjusting the power management settings using the terminal command pmset. I would recommend exploring the options of pmset by running man pmset in the terminal. Good luck!

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Is it possible to have somebody test either the logic board or display board to see whether either or both are damaged. Buying parts can add up quickly. I'm looking at your suggestion on using the terminal command pmset.

Thanks for your help.


The terminal command pmset didn't help.


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Apple won’t work on liquid damaged systems.

There are people who have the deeper skills to repair your system but you need to stop using your system as liquid damaged systems tend to deteriorate with time when the logic is powered! Basically, electroless takes place decomposing the traces and other metals.

The first step is the clean out the coffee as even though you allowed it to drip out you didn’t remove all of it! This will require a bit of work and washing down the parts with either distilled water or reagent quality 90% isopropyl alcohol.

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This accident happened about 7 months ago. At the time, I let the computer air dry and then opened it up to clean with isopropyl alcohol. I thought I was doing a good job of cleaning.

I took it into the Apple store and they opened it up and said there was still liquid (coffee) residue in a couple of spots inside the computer. They said that the computer would degrade with time, as you say, and to spend my money on a new laptop rather than on a repair. Factoring in the price of parts and labor, I could see their point.

In the meantime, the liquid damaged Macbook Air sits on my desk with the lid open, and it's been used everyday for the last several months by my wife. Honestly, it works fine with no apparent issues with our typical day-to-day usage (email, internet, word-processing), other than refusing to awaken when the lid is opened.

I have not taken it to anyone other than the Apple store. Would a thorough cleaning by a reputable repair shop be a good first step?


@rickmandle - Someone with good Mac repair skills should be able to clean and fix your system.


Thanks, I'll try to find somebody.


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