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The Gabb Phone Plus is a low cost mobile device sold by Gabb Wireless and manufactured by Samsung, designed specifically for children. It was released in June 2022.

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I can't send messages, I believe I can't receive messages either.

A few days ago it was working just fine, now it just randomly started saying "failed to send," and I don't think I'm receiving any messages either. I think that's the case since I'm not receiving messages for SMS verification from certain services.

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Same.Mine just stoped working and today gabb music stoped working


Gabb Plus, started having the same problem. Frustrating because nothing seems to work


I agree, I recently got ANOTHER gabb phone after the other also had a similar problem. I paid to be able to have group chats, however if I attempt to send a photo, video, or text any group chat it says sending for hours, after I reset the phone it says failed to send. During while it says "Sending" I am unable to send any other messages and it is infuriating.


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The service has ran out of payment. meaning that you will have to reactivate the sim card. or maybe the SIM card its self is damaged. if the reception is still working that is odd try useing the phone without wifi.

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I have a GABBZ2 phone and it's having the same issues


my gaab phone doesn't have anything wrong with the SIM card and we've been paying for service but for some reason it wont connect to wifi and ive tried messing with the settings to fix it and it wont work and like its happened in the past and those things normally randomly fixed it such as putting it on airplane mode or waiting for it to just work again but i thought i fized it once and for all and now it wont connect again and gaab wont connect me to an agent and when i tried calling them they put me on hold for an hour until i just gave up because i had to go


@ihatemygaa34235 it’s been 8 months 💀 still trying huh wow


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