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The fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee was introduced in 2011. This model is also known as Jeep WK2.

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Vibration at speeds above 70MPH


My 2014 Grand Cherokee, 5.7L, RWD, Limited, has been exhibiting a vibration noticeable in the steering wheel as well as in the floor of the vehicle at highway speeds ever since I got it in 2013.

It had new tires, brakes (including rotors), rotations, and even new specific part number wheel hubs (front) put on (per the bulletin I found). The issue persisted.

At first I believed the vibration was only in the steering wheel, because it was too difficult to notice anything beyond that. But I eventually noticed that I can also feel and even hear vibration in the rest of the vehicle especially when I have something loose in the trunk.

At this point I am thinking driveshaft, but after those expensive hubs I am not keen on just tossing money at it without asking for advice first.

The vibration used to be bad only between 72 and 80 MPH (going with flow of traffic :) ). Now I believe it only changes frequency but doesn't go away at higher speed. Also noticed that on first drive of a cold day vibration is worse, more aggressive, at least in the steering wheel.

Throwing the car in Neutral doesn't change vibration. Vibration occurs whether i am accelerating, coasting or decelerating.

In the days of heavy traffic I rarely got it up to the vibration speeds. Since 2020, and now being a bit out of the city, it is an issue I experience every time I am on a freeway.

Any help/direction would be highly appreciated.


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@igork6897 seems like you have been battling this for a while. I would suggest to take it to a shop that strictly deals with suspensions/alignment. Let them go over the drivetrain and see what they find. Tires would have been my first choice as well but you already ruled that out.


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I'd suspect the driveshaft could be it, seeing you've tried just about everything else. Could be a simple cross bearing/u-joint going bad, or maybe a hangar bearing if you have one.

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The first thing that comes to mind is a wheel balancing issue. However, with new tires, the mechanic will usually balance the wheels at the same time. Because the Jeep was new when you got it (2014 model bought in 2013), the problem should have been covered by the warranty. What's the dealer saying? There is a lemon law that if a dealer cannot fix a car within so many visits, they have to give you a new vehicle. Did you explore these options? Just wondering ....

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Hello and thank you for responding.

I did take it to a dealer who said it may be tread separation. They also said tires are not covered by warranty. I replaced the tires but haven't been getting upto the speed needed to verify. Back then I was mostly driving in heavy traffic or on streets. So I forgot about it.

Later noticed vibration and a mechanic recommended wheel balance. Same thing - I had forgotten about the issue for a while.

It only started to be relevant again a few years ago when the traffic started to move a bit faster.

That is when I started to try and find the reason.

Regarding balancing, it had many. Last time I specifically marked the two front wheels, requested they end up in the rear and verified that is what was done. No change.

I have considered that maybe a rim or two may be bad, but all 4?


Thank you to all who responded. I will keep after it and post what it was after it is resolved


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