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In 1999, the RL received a front and rear facelift that included the addition of newer, more stylish Xenon headlights. The difference, while seemingly subtle, gave the car an entirely new look. Suspension and chassis were stiffened. The Acura RL was back in the fold and sales increased.

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Can't open driver's door from either side

I was attempting to replace the driver's outside door handle (snapped clean off, already have the replacement) and had successfully removed the inner panel + window track from inside the door. While I was trying to figure out how to remove the connector attached to the plastic that moves when you pull the outer handle, my door closed and latched, and is now stuck. I had moved a part of the mechanism inside out of place in attempting to clear a path to the handle's screws, and the door will not open from the inside now as the panel is gone (pulling on the cable left behind makes a rather sad clunk but has no effect on the latch). Any way I can get the door open without drilling into the latch (which is the only answer I've found so far)?

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@noaharagon I am sure that by now you have it opened. I would have gone ahead and suggested that you just follow the SM and disconnect the 7P connector from the keyless receiver unit. Then shorten the Green wire on this connector to ground. That is what will unlock all doors. Once unlocked you can most likely unlatch it, by moving the tab where the handle cable terminates, downward.

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