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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Loud noise while turning on

Our model 401.8505 makes loud annoying noise when we turn it on. I can hear it in the room two doors down from kitchen. Almost like a jackhammer, any ideas?

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If it’s a violent noise I Strongly suggest that you stop using it right now as it could be a sign of a failing or bad magnetron

The magnetron is the bit that makes the loud buzzing noise and also cooks the food inside but blasting it with extremly powerful microwaves

Humans don’t usually react well to the microwaves from these microwaves

It could also be a bad transformer but they rarely fail in this way

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hi @nancymanning,

Just to isolate the problem a bit, try removing the turntable plate and roller ring from the oven and then place a microwave oven safe cup, nearly full of water in the oven and turn it on for about 5-10 seconds and check for any noise.

If there's no noise then check that there are no flat spots on any of the rollers on the ring that supports the turntable as it turns and also that the roller track on the bottom of the oven is clean and smooth to the touch all the way around.

If the noise is still there then it may be the turntable motor or the fan as all the rest of the parts, are non moving parts and usually electrical problems are a different sound than a jackhammer sound although in saying that it could be a chattering relay on the control board.

What is the full model number of the microwave oven? Knowing this makes it easier to link the correct parts if any are required.

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