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The Grand Prix was updated for 2004 on a revised version of the GM W platform and was unveiled at the 2002 Chicago International Auto Show on February 7, 2002 as the Grand Prix G-Force Concept.

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cranks but fuel pump isn't coming

2005 grand prix clicking in dash cranks but fuel pump isn't coming on3800 series 3

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@pamelawilli3405 what have you checked? Sounds like either a bad relay or a bad pump. Do you hear the clicking continuously?


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Any high mileage vehicle may have age related issues like a worn out fuel pump. If there's a fuel test valve on the fuel rail, capped with a black plastic cap, you may be able to manually test for fuel pressure. Remove the cap to reveal a Schrader valve, the same as tire valves. Turn on ignition without starting and try listening for faint sounds of the in-tank fuel pump humming/hissing in a quiet area. In theory, fuel pumps should run for a few seconds then shut off if the engine isn't started (safety). With a rag loosely covering the fuel test valve, depress the valve stem and see if fuel shoots out. Some find fuel shooting out over the engine but hence using a rag. A better test is borrowing a fuel pressure gauge from AutoZone or other auto parts store loaning out tools (free with either a credit card copy or cash), connect it to the test valve and have someone try starting as you observe the pressure gauge. Expect at least 30 psi. If this vehicle has over 100k miles, was the fuel filter replaced? Low or non existent fuel pressure may be; a blown fuel pump fuse, corroded wiring to pump, corroded pump ground connection, worn out or dead pump. A fuel test can help diagnose a fuel issue.

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