The Motorola Droid X is a smartphone manufactured by Motorola Mobility, Inc. that runs the Android 2.3 software.

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How do I diagnose which part received water damage, no start.

My droid x received water damage and now will not turn on, only has a solid green led light when charger is plugged in. I am in the dark on where to start trying to diagnose what has failed in the phone. i can find the parts and i have already taken the phone apart and done a visual inspection, found some corrosion on one ribbon cable. tried cleaning all connections and still get the same green light and no start. can anyone help me figure out where to start?

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Was the problem solved? I found a Motorola Droid X2 on the side of the road and it has the same symptoms as Trevor explained. However I have not found any corrosion yet.


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Water damage, when it comes to the main board,would be almost impossible to troubleshoot. The Droid X has one primary circuit board, so you wouldn't be able to swap components (with the exception of digitizer, LCD, camera, etc) to restore the phone. If there is corrosion on a cable, I would imagine there is corrosion elsewhere.

The only thing I can suggest is to verify that all of the ribbon cables are making a good connection, which you've already done.

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