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Why don't my 2002 Pontiac Montana,s motor turn over after I replaced

I bought this 2002 Pontiac Montana, with a 3.4 motor, the owner had hit a deer on the passenger battery side and everything was replaced, the battery was not getting recharged from the alternator so I replaced it with a new one, not rebuilt, but still had same problem and the check engine light never came on but all the other lights doe's, dome, headlights, dashboard lights all work. I plunged in a code reader and it won't come on. I plunged it in the cigarette lighter and it's still don't come on but it works fine when I plug it in the house so I know the code reader is okay, all fuse's, and relays are good as long as the battery is charged the van starts and I can drive it but, now after installing a used ECM module the van won't start and I installed it according to the procedure the way you're supposed to install a different ECM, I jumped it over on the starter with a screwdriver and it started only for a second then stopped, I did it again and it stopped, I did the whole thing over and I got the same thing. So what is wrong?

Update (06/27/23)

In the beginning when I first got the van it already had this problem and the person I bought it from did not know it as well because she had hit a deer on the passenger side front where the battery, fuse/relay box and most of the main cables are. The van set for 2 years and finally got all the parts replaced that were damaged. She charged the battery and sold the van to me and I drive it home, the next day when I drove it in about 20 minutes the battery went dead and when I checked the alternator was bad so I replaced it with a new one, not rebuilt and when I checked after I started it up I was only getting 12 volts not 14 that told me that the battery still was not getting charged so I checked all relay's and fuse's and there was nothing wrong that is when I noticed there is no check engine light on and there should be then I plunged in my code reader and it did not come on I plunged it in cigarette lighter still don't come on even when motor running so I knew that is a good sign that the ECM had something wrong with it so I replaced it with a used one and when I said I did it according to procedure I should have said according to one person's procedure. After I installed the ECM module, and hooked battery up I wanted 15 minutes, I then turned key on that's when I saw I now have a check engine light and I let it stay on for 5 minutes with out trying to start it. I then turned key off waited another 5 minutes, then I tried to start it but nothing happened no sound of any kind I rechecked fuse's and relays and battery is full charged but with the ECM module it did have it would start and run but only off of the battery but when battery ran out of power the van had to be recharged again to start and run and there is no check engine light, after changing ECM I have check engine light when key is turned on but it won't start. Do I need to do something else with the ECM so it will recognize the system before it will make contact?

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@jkeef so if it worked before you changed the ECM and now it does not, seems to be a ECM related issue. Why did you replace it? How did you get it to relearn? "according to the procedure " who's procedure? You got a link or some written stuff.


Please post detailed photos of both sides of the original faulty ECM board, if you're sure that's the problem. You're still not getting cigarette lighter power?


@jkeef it is my understanding that your replacement ECM should have been programmed according to your VIN number. I am sure that our guru @automotive is going to provide you with great guidance and hopefully can find a solution for this.


I certainly hope so. I posited more information about this along with my opinion.


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To Oldturkey03 ( yes you are right, no I didn't program the ECM module with the vin number, I thought that it would at least start and I may then need to drive it on battery power to a place that does that. But I was thinking that hitting the deer on the passenger side where the relay/fuse box is may have something to do with the ECM problem and maybe the ECM module just needed reset. Should I put the old ECM back in to get it started and drive it to a garage that can find out? The vin number on the Pontiac Montana is (1GMDV03E12D225707) and number on ECM module that was in van is (86DSAFM12030Y77V). Number on used ECM is (86DRZPM12011X6TY) the Serv. Number on both parts is the same (12209614). And the HDW. Number on both parts is the same (12202600) on the other side of ECM that is on one I took out there is the number (0212. And U05626). And on the used ECM I bought the number is, (3551. And U00378). There is also another number on each one the one on the van has a number out from model number (12223814). And the other one has (12223704)

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