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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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someone please help me I'm having some major problems

Can someone please help me I'm having some major problems, my email is [removed] pls someone help me out soon as possible

Update (07/01/23)

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.... It's a Inspirion 1525.... .

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With what? Power, screen?



What is the model number of the laptop and what problems are there?


It's a Dell Inspirion 1525, windows Vista!!!


I bout it 30 bucks about 4 months ago but it didn't come with a cord, I was actually doing it just to help someone out so I room my chances, I finally ordered a new charger cord and for it last week, and of course it's got login password, I haven't been able to contact the person I bought it from, so I ordered a hirens USB boot drive to help remove password and I'm having no luck at all with it,... Idk what I'm doing wrong...


I bought it* not I bout it, sry I didn't realize it worded wrong


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  • Boot your computer with Hiren’s BootCD PE.
  • Goto Start Menu -> Securiy -> Passwords -> NT Password Edit
  • Open your SAM file (It is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM).
  • Click your username and the click ‘Change password’. To set a password, type your password both ‘New password’ and ‘Verify’ fields and then click to ‘OK’. To remove the password, leave both ‘New password’ and ‘Verify’ fields blank and then click to ‘OK’.

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I tried all that...it won't allow me to boot because I can't find the option to disable secure boot to allow it to boot the hirens flashdrive


Hi @joshandama46644

That computer was released in 2008 or 2009. It does not have Secure Boot (UEFI). Perhaps you formated your USB flash drive for UEFI?

To boot to USB press F12 for boot menu.

Perhaps you could reform your question as you seem to be all over the map. I thought you first asked about your email. If that is the case are you using a email client or online with Gmail, etc.?


@aactech I read this initially as someone who tagged onto an existing post and put in their email address that later got redacted according to iFixit policy, leaving the question as you see. Oldturkey03 later went in and copied the question into the title, which had been left blank.


@aactech @dadibrokeit that is all there was. Sorry folks, just trying to help people getting their questions resolved.


@oldturkey03 Understood, my friend; just trying to help mike out with understanding the question.


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You see the problerm is, as far as I can find, that the 1525 is too old to have secure boot. Is the choice in the BIOS? What does the label on the bottom side of the laptop say for model number?

O.K. so with the computer off plug in the Hiren USB flash drive, press and hold down the F12 key as pressing the power button, hold the F12 down until the boot menu appears (have you run the "Diagnostics" from this menu at some point?) then select "USB Storage Device". What happens? A screen shot would be helpful.

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